Victoria Starr

Victoria Starr

Travel Specialist


It is all about the journey. So why not make it exceptional, personal, and purposeful?

For me, travel is an integral part of my life’s journey. It has always fascinated me.

There is something magical about landing in a foreign destination with unfamiliar sights, languages, tastes, and experiences. I often consider how I can recapture some of the essence of my travels and integrate it into my life. This need has created an important layer to my traveling. No matter how near or far I travel, one of my primary objectives is to discover unique objects and bring them back home so that each of my adventures remains embedded in my everyday life. I love scouting for art, learning new cooking techniques and ingredients, or finding an article of clothing or textile that is reminiscent of my travels.

Beyond the mystique, I have found so many other benefits to living a life well-traveled. Travel has helped me truly understand myself and what I want in life, it has led me to discover new passions and it has helped me to create a clearer sense of purpose. I love how travel forces us out of our comfort zone and pushes us to take risks, whether it is to become more fluent in a foreign language, or to conform to different cultural norms. All these aspects foster a mindset of growth and learning. Who’s ready to take the plunge? Let me be your guide!

Areas of Expertise

  • Gastronomy + culture
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Spa Travel
  • Off the beaten path travel
  • United States
  • Mexico
  • Egypt
  • Western Europe
  • Italy
  • Africa + safari

Favorite Stays

One & Only Palmilla, Dunton Hot Springs, Amangiri, Banyan Tree Yangshuo

Favorite Street Food Experience

Street tacos tour in Mexico City

Most Memorable Meal

While seeking shelter from a rainstorm, we stumbled into a rustic restaurant in the ancient village of Xingping in Guilin China. Lunch ended up being an unexpected and incredible candlelit Chinese feast.

Favorite Historical Sites

The Tomb of Nefertari in Egypt, Angor Wat in Cambodia, Mehrangarh Fort in India, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Italy.

The Place I Didn’t Expect to Love… but Did

Naples, Italy

The Place I Expected to Love and Loved Even More